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about the collection

ANNA BROWN is a creative studio and clothing line in Chicago. We design inventive, lasting, thoughtfully and respectfully made staples for modern life.

Based in a studio and showroom in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, the collection emphasizes layering, working against seasons and categories toward a more sustainable and rational mode of consumption and production. Entirely designed, cut, and sewn in Chicago, the collection features limited runs, which supports more environmentally sensitive production as well as responsible labor practices.

The workshop studio is open by appointment Monday-Saturday to shop the current collection and studio-only sale pieces and samples.

Walk-ins are always welcome.


  • in the studio at 1911 S. Racine Ave. in Chicago, open to the public by appointment
  • in the webshop 24-7
  • please contact us for other retailers.


  • We want you to love your clothes so much you wear them out.
  • When you do, bring it back, and we’ll mend it, patch it, or sew that button back on.
  • Have a piece you no longer wear because you’ve lost weight or gotten taller? Bring it back to our MULTIPLY program for studio credit.
  • Want to talk about updating an old style to make it new to you? Bring it in, let’s talk.
  • Just want to come in to talk? We love that too.

    Designer Anna Brown brings a background in art history and comparative literature to clothing design. Her collection research interests include historical menswear and workwear, twentieth century art and design, and the built environment and its interaction with nature. Her design practice is a maximal minimalism, which strives for clothing that creates a statement but yet never demands attention.

    She was a designer in residence at the Chicago Fashion Incubator at Macy’s on State Street, 2014-17, and now has a studio in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago.

x MULTIPLY! x a new buy back/buy forward program at ANNA BROWN

How it works: bring back your cleaned, gently used ANNA BROWN pieces from any season. We’ll sell that piece here at the studio to someone new, and you’ll get 50% of the sale price back to use toward the purchase of any new ANNA BROWN piece!

Why are we doing this?? As an environmentally-minded studio, we’re always seeking new ways to minimize waste and over-production, and we want to make clothes that are long-lasting and transcend seasons…but at the same time, as a business, we must continue to sell new clothes in order to create new clothes. It’s a bit of a pickle.

So this is the logic behind MULTIPLY: perhaps you’ve had a skirt or a top for a few years now in your closet that you still like, but you might be ready for something new. Because our styles are generally limited runs, not everyone had a chance at them the first time around, so let us play matchmaker! We’ll help you refresh your closet with new styles at a reduced cost, all the while creating access to discontinued styles for new folks at a reduced price. Win-win-win!